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INCHIVALA PRESS was started by Melinda Lovell and Hannah Lovell in May 2007, in a small hamlet in the Auvergne, South West France, which gave the press its name. (Inchivala, 2005, pictured.)


All chapbooks are designed and made to order by Hannah Lovell. The chapbooks range from 36 to 56 pages and are printed in Baskerville font, on thick paper, either a plain white or a more grainy ivory, with thick textured card covers.


The current poetry editions have duck-egg blue covers, and are sewn together by hand with golden embroidery thread. The cookery editions have cinnamon or pumpkin coloured covers, and feature printed illustrations by Barbara Sedassy.


Each Inchivala Press chapbook is an artisan object, never quite the same as its fellows, something to savour, and light to carry about, or post as a present. The layout is simple, without index or numbers on pages. Our aim is to make the chapbook a beautiful thing, which is a pleasure to handle.

So far, Inchivala Press has produced nine chapbooks of poetry, including a series on past poets, a collection of haikus, and a collection of children’s rhymes, as well as its first cookery chapbook. Poetry selections are chosen and introduced by Melinda Lovell.

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