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Starting with one in garbled French…


“‘THIS’… is really, really, really yoo! exquisement; piquante; varie (manifold); evoquer… Splendide, Melinda!


Inchivala Press


Enfolded in duck-egg

Embraces it all

One red apple at a time”


(from Maior Barter, India)







“Thankyou very much for the D H Lawrence book you sent us.

Your introduction is very good, small and concise like a very good invitation to encourage the desire for more in depth research about the subject.

I also very much like the book presentation. Its handcraft look makes you feel like it is a good old friend that you want to carry around to read a bit here or there, whenever there is a spare moment.

Just perfect.
About the content what more can I say?
It’s D H Lawrence!!!
Well done, thanks again.”

(from Maria Walker, East Sussex)







“Many thanks for sending a copy of Well I Declare It Is The Pettichap, which augurs well for the Inchivala Press. It is a joy to hold and read. I admire the selection of Clare's poems with its clear presentation and division into walks, birds, here & now and looking back. The glossary and introduction are also particularly useful. By placing the walking poems first in the collection, Clare and his poetry is correctly placed within the natural world and the tradition of composing on foot. The reader can thus follow Clare's preoccupations with a locality, its woodland, birds villagers and seasons more closely. Clare, as much as Wordsworth or late Stevens, reminds us of the virtues of walking and considering a place…. Congratulations on starting a wonderful series of booklets, the press and website.”

(David Caddy, editor of Tears in the Fence)







“Thank-you for Up The Lane – I was so pleased to get it. A lovely collection – I particularly like “Cycles” (first section) – and I thought your introduction just right.”

(from Shirley Hagger, Hampshire)







“…a wonderful collection of haikus that has given – and will continue to give – us much pleasure. I send you also my humble response!


Haiku on the block
printed, duck-egg blue
January joy!”


(from Alan Privett, East Sussex)







“I've now had the chance to have a good look at Poems of Love and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. It's a beautifully produced chapbook and it was a real pleasure to find Emily Dickinson rubbing shoulders with John Keats, John Clare with Edward Thomas and Emily Bronte. The collection has real integrity in its approaches to the various manifestations of love, and draws considerable strength from the range of voices within its pages.”

(Jeremy Page, editor of The Frogmore Papers)









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