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Thirty three haikus by Melinda Lovell





Melinda lives, gardens and writes in Inchivala, a hamlet in the foothills of the Cantal in South-West France. Poems of hers have been published in magazines including Tears In The Fence, THE SHOp, Agenda, The North, The Frogmore Papers, Pennine Platform, Obsessed With Pipework, The Journal, The Rialto, Other Poetry, Artemis, Caduceus, Resurgence.


She is the editor of Inchivala Press. She selects the poems and writes the introductions for the poetry chapbooks.


Melinda Lovell’s first collection, Walking The Hillside, is now out (2015; Waterloo Press; £12. For more information go to:


This is a collection of 33 haikus, written through several seasons, in between writing longer poems. All haikus have the traditional seventeen syllables, some stick to the five/seven/five classic line pattern, others depart from it. 


This is printed on thick ivory-coloured grainy paper, one haiku printed in the centre of each page.


Food for thought…

Haikus on canvas from M L's Autumn equinox art installation in the Barn, Inchivala, September 2009

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