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Then she went on her travels, to Canada, the States Mexico, Belize and Hawaii. She has always kept sketch-books. She believes drawing matters, and that is of course the skill she uses in illustrating our chapbooks. Even as a child, she was a natural anthologist, liking “poems that made pictures.” Barbara loves Yeats, Bonnard and Beethoven. She has exhibited in Canada, the States and the UK.


5 Women Artists Plus

Barbara has also produced a colour illustrated childrens’ book Roundabout for younger children, with rhymes by Jean Kenward. To see children reading some of rhymes click here: Roundabout Video. To obtain a copy of the book Roundabout (£6) please email



Barbara Sedassy, our inspired illustrator, is an eclectic painter. In her own words, she is deeply into stories; she celebrates colour and line and loves the way it sings together. She studied at St Albans Falmouth and Chelsea Schools of Art.

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